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Cadair Idris Trip

Location: North Wales

Date: 28 May 2022

Who: Wayne Diffin- Founder & Committee Member, Ben Walker- Team Member

Report by Ben Walker- 

Yesterday was an absolutely epic day for me. Things have been really hard with my mental health recently and this absolute legend of a man Wayne Diffin motivated me to get my boots on to scale Cadair Idris and her neighbouring sister mountains with him.


The absolutely stunning views along with the fab company has boosted my morale considerably. The experience was the perfect medicine for me and reminded me of Wayne's and his charities mission to get other needy veterans out and about to reap the same rewards. Especially those who don't necessarily feel motivated to, due to the mental demons a lot of us and others experience. His commitment and passion is plain to see but he clearly needs our help in showing others what these amazing experiences can do for the soul.


To simply be out there "on the hills" promoting the cause with our pictures is a really simple way of doing this. And the potential opportunities for further adventure orientated training, including chances to take part in once in a lifetime excursions you would never get the chance to do sound incredible!


As members we need to provide a level of commitment, not only for the benefit our Veteran brothers and sisters who need our support, but to help our minds too. To help this fantastic charity grow. From here on in, I will commit whatever time I can to help out in anyway I can. Thanks again Wayne.

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