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Updated: May 30, 2022

Hey there, I'm Wayne, the current acting team captain, and chairman. Yea yea I know. Sounds cheesy.. but. it's just a title to acquire when you set up things like this. It's a committee role title.

I basically organize and set the club and team policy as well as our operating framework which we intend to use to bring the mental health benefits of hiking climbing and mountaineering to the veteran community.

We are looking for unique can-do people that are looking to really make a difference in a very specific way in the lives of veterans all around the united kingdom and because of the way we do things potentially on a global scale too.

As team members, we need you at the very least to attend regular consistent team meets with our guys. This is an opportunity for you to develop your hill fitness and confidence as well as scrambling and other skills associated with our kind of activity.

If you stick with us and put the time and effort in we will be able to help you achieve your mountain leader certs which will help you to maybe make the outdoors a career and give you the skills and confidence to really make a difference to the lives of millions of veterans.

Our social media feeds are viewed all around the UK and we push it out to all veteran communities to promote the amazing benefits.

As a team member you'll also need a passion a focus for outdoor life and adventure, you're really not going to be able to help us u less the outdoors is a major part of your life. You'll also need to be able to make the time to join us when we need you. It's absolutely critical to our efforts that you can take part.


The team is very specific and unique. Only former serving guardsmen from the household division may join the team, it's part of our promotional campaign and not discrimination, we have a very specific reason for this. The Guards are a very British and globally recognized icon, it links our team to their old jobs as Guards to her majesty directly. We use this link and work history to cut some very important advertising corners and basically ride on more than 360 years of British military heritage. Its brilliant as it identifies us to a degree and demonstrates trust and legitimacy.

Alongside this, we are also sponsored and endorsed by the household cavalry foundation, and supported by prominent global brands who help us to acquire the important technical kit and clothing that we need to do what we do.

Our Team members must also play a role in promoting our club and team, the effort you apply and time you give us will be used to it's fullest for maximum effect. We need you to take photos and engage in social media feeds and trigger conversations with our association members.

This is not a casual role! the team is very much an aspiring work horse that's dedicated to combating mental ill-health among our veterans and serving brothers and sisters.

This is also pure voluntary, there are plans in place for future potential, for employed full time leader roles. As we progress.

If you're a former guard with the ability to commit to monthly team meets and also adventure by yourself for our cause we would love to have you. We need you.

Get in touch now.

You can follow our efforts on social media

Instagram @guards_mountaineering

Facebook @The Guards veterans mountaineering and climbing.

Join our veteran's association for free on Facebook @ veterans mountaineering and climbing association.

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Totally happy to volunteer, Ex Irish guards and currently working through my ML SUMMER hopefully leading to my winter qual

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